Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three weddings and a baby...

That's what we've had on my mom's side of the family so far this summer. I've had three cousins get married and one have her first baby. Today in fact, the same day as another cousin's wedding. It's so exciting to get to participate in all these family events!

See. Doesn't Jake just look so excited?

And Evie can barely contain herself!

And Lila, well Lila is probably wondering what the heck she's doing wearing a church dress when we aren't going to church. Things like this tend to confuse her...

Me, I just keep plugging along and knitting every chance I get to sit still for a few minutes.

I really do love my family. Congratulations to Andrew and Stefani on their wedding and to Cecily and Justin on their new baby! I'm super excited for all of you, Brian just didn't take a picture of my excited face.

But here is another one of Lila still looking slightly confused.