Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Special Sunday

Today we got to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa T. They were speaking in sacrament meeting before leaving to serve a mission in Denmark for the next 18 months.

 Jim and Terrie both gave excellent talks, but my favorite part was in Jim's talk when he addressed his grandchildren by name (the seven that live in the state and were there in the meeting) and explained how the only thing that could make their grandparents leave them for such a long time was the need to share the gospel with people who haven't learned what these children have grown up knowing. Why they are here on this earth, where they came from when they were born, and where they will go when they die.  I don't know how much of that my children absorbed, but it made me realize again how blessed I have been to be raised with this knowledge and faith and how blessed my children are to have this as part of their lives as well. It makes it a little easier to say good-bye knowing that they are going to be bringing that blessing to other children and other families. 

the Utah half of the cousins

We love you Grandma and Grandpa! 
You are going to be amazing missionaries.


Sandra & Brent said...

I didn't even have to rely on the process of elimination to guess this one . . . it's a no brainer! I love reading about your kids, Chrissy.

Dinee said...

Couple missionaries are so amazing and fun to work with. I have such fond memories of the couples who served in TX and while they missed their kids and grandkids, they would get the cutest mail and coolest packages from them. I hope it will be possible for you to send them packages and your kids will get to hear some pretty cool stories for the next 18 months which will help them gain and strengthen their own testimonies.

On a side note, I'm bummed I missed it. I was actually trying ot remember this because I wanted to go. Terri has always been so sweet to me and my family. Please wish them well from the Salisbury's.