Saturday, October 1, 2011

A pretty perfect day...

Woke up to find all three children cuddled on the couch and excitedly waiting for Conference to start. (I know they were mostly excited to get candy playing bingo, but I'll take it.)

Ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (Yum.)

Went and took some family pictures for my sister-in-law's family. (I am not a photographer and lay no claim to any skill, they just needed someone to push the button on the point and shoot so they weren't waiting around to set up each shot with the timer.)

Came home and watched the first session of Conference with my family. (Spent a great deal of that time shushing my children as they asked, "Did he say Holy Ghost? Did he say temple?" and so on...)

Spent the two hours in between sessions cleaning up the upstairs. (Not everyone was thrilled about this plan, but at least everyone helped.)

Made lunch just in time for the start of the second session. (Tuna fish sandwiches, I make really awesome tuna fish sandwiches.)

I took Lila in to lay down on my bed for a nap because she was beyond ornery. (The next thing I knew it was 5 pm. Downside, I missed most of the second session. Upside, I got a much needed nap.)

Brian went to the Priesthood session with Greg and his boys. (My cousin Cecily's husband, Justin, led the choir for this session. Brian said that the choir sounded great and it was neat to see someone we know getting such a unique opportunity!)

I took the kids to my Aunt April's and played games with family and friends. (Thanks for letting us come hang out April, We all had a great time!)

We got home and a few minutes later we were surprised by a visit from Grandpa Dave! (He played some games with the kids and then read them some bedtime stories. We love his surprise visits.)

Now the kids are in bed and I'm ready for some one on one time with my husband. (That means watching a couple of  TV shows until one of us crashes and the other one has to wake them up to drag them to bed... I got a nap so the smart money is on Brian tonight.)

Tomorrow we get to go over to Grandpa Dave's and watch more Conference and play more bingo and eat the yummy dinner he's making. (I love Conference weekends!)


Sandra & Brent said...

I love conference week-ends too, Chrissy! Sounds like yours has been awesome so far.