Thursday, December 1, 2011

A very blustery day...

Today the kids stayed home from school because the weather was crazy! Hurricane force winds shut down the schools, many businesses and even the freeway for awhile. We lost power around 8 am and so we had a long day to find ways to entertain ourselves without electronics.


It's amazing the hours of entertainment those little plastic bricks can provide.

Everything Evie built she said was a doctor's office.

Jake built houses, vehicles, and even a helicopter with a working propeller.

Lila just likes to pull things apart.

We played cards too.

Caite's power was out in Ogden and so she came down to hang out with us, because it's always more fun to have no power when you are with other people.

The wind took out so many huge, old trees.
The landscape of our area will be forever changed.

Brian drove around and took these pictures. I wonder if this trampoline belonged to this house or migrated there overnight?

This was once a trampoline too. Crazy!

After almost 8 hours without power our house was getting pretty chilly and we didn't have anything to eat except bread and peanut butter. So we headed over to Pa Dave's because his power was back on! Yay for warmth and cooked food. We made a pot of soup and some toasted cheese sandwiches, and got warmed up from the inside out.

Caite and the girls even made sugar cookies.

Lila's theory on sprinkles: There's no such thing as too many sprinkles.

Evie is a great little sous chef.

We are spending the night here with Grandpa because we are still without power. Our house was 54 degrees, the kids were nervous about the dark, and Jake was worried that the power outage would mess up my blogging everyday. We sure are lucky to have a comfortable place to crash!