Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st Christmas

Tonight we went visiting after church. First to Pa Dave's where he graciously shared his dinner with us and we played some Phase 10 and got to see Caite and Patrick too. Then on to Grandma-great's and visiting with a good portion of the extended family. My Aunt Kristen was up visiting and brought my kids a bunch of toys that they are clearing out while getting ready to move. And when I say a bunch, I mean a whole lot! The kids helped me carry the boxes in the house and then went a little crazy digging through them and seeing what treasures they held. Both the girls spent the next hour playing with a toy castle that you can shoot cannon balls at. Jake went crazy when he found the old Game Boy and all the games. Brian laid down the law that the Game Boy has to stay upstairs when Jake goes to bed, so that he won't stay up all night playing with it. (I think it's that, and because Brian wants to play with it while the kids are in bed.) As we started packing up the toys the kids had spread all over the living room Brian said, "I should probably call Santa and tell him that we don't need any more toys for Christmas." Oh the wails of despair and denial that came from our children. Fortunately it was only a few months ago that we did a serious deep cleaning and de-junking of the kid's rooms and toys, so we can probably find homes for some of these new treasures and the odd Christmas present or two. Also fortunately, we had already decided to have a small Christmas this year.

P.S. Thank you Aunt Kristen and family. I guarantee these toys will be loved and played with a lot. You made my kid's night with your generosity.