Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's NOT bacon!

I found these cute wavy candy cane ornaments at Tai Pan Trading.

As we were decorating the tree the kids kept saying, "Oh! Look at the bacon ornaments! I love the bacon one Mom!" It took me a little bit to figure out what they were talking about. I told them that it isn't bacon, it supposed to be like a ribbon candy.

Now they call them bacon ornaments just to mess with me.

Everything is better with bacon... even Christmas trees I guess.

I'm including this so you can see the tree skirt I made. It's a very simple one, a circle skirt made of red and white ticking fabric and  hemmed around the edges.

Lila wanted me to take a picture of her by the tree this morning. We are all still loving the new tree and decorations. I love that every day I will find one of the kids just standing and staring admiringly at it, and they will say, "We have such a pretty tree!" As you can see we have the first of the presents wrapped and under the tree. It is killing Lila! Every day she asks if it is time to open the presents yet. I'm watching her like a hawk so she doesn't sneak some of them open and land on the naughty list!


Sarah said...

I think they are cute!

Dinee said...

Oh that made me laugh.

Ryan W said...

Big fan of Tai Pan