Sunday, December 18, 2011

When I leave the camera laying around...

I often find random pictures and videos by my children. 

Yesterday I erased probably close to fifty shots of the TV playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, close ups of various ornaments on our tree, and a not so flattering video of Jacob trying to grab the camera away from Evie because she didn't realize it was on the video setting. 

For your viewing pleasure, these are the choice pictures I kept to embarrass my children when they are teenagers.

Evie, Self portrait.

Evie, Self portrait #2.

Evie's nostril, Self-portrait.

Lila, fairly normal.

Lila, praying for strength.

Lila, looking for her teeth.

Proof that they are playing with Kevin (my minion) when I am not around!


Elizabeth said...

Ha ha, love it. Even better if they evidence of them doing something they are not supposed to do.

Elizabeth said...