Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Wednesday

Lila watching her morning shows...

I love watching this age group as they discover their problem solving skills.

Today we finally started our present advent.
 This was one of my kid's favorite things I did last year. 

Each day we open one present, a small activity or treat to help us get in the holiday mood.

Today was a new book for our Christmas collection.

Because I was slow getting started I combined days 1-6 into one present. Stained glass ornaments and holiday shrinky dinks, both crafts that require use of the oven and mine was buried in an out of control kitchen. Brian came home and tackled that mess so tomorrow we will craft! 

And just because it is such an unusual circumstance I have to share it, today I actually left the yarn store with more money than when I went into it! I had to return a couple of skeins because I had overestimated the yardage for a project. I then spent almost a half an hour wandering the store and contemplating the different yarns and what I could knit with them, but every time I was tempted I would remember the backlog of projects I have to finish by Christmas. Don't worry though, I'm sure I will make up for it later...