Sunday, December 25, 2011

Short and sweet...

Oh my.
 We had the best Christmas EVER! 
A short list of the favorites:
Lila- a pink shopping cart and toy cash register
Evie- An American Girl doll that looks like her
Jake- Nintendo 3DS (in black)
Brian- an excuse to go to Cabela's in the form of a gift card
Chrissy- a Kindle! 
(I am being drug into technological advances against my will, but now that I've tried it I really kind of love it.)

Pictures and details about all the fun surprises and thoughtful gifts will have to wait, because I've downloaded about twenty books to my Kindle and I am going to snuggle up and read a good e-book...


Brian said...

Thank you for making this such a fun and special Christmas sweetheart. I love you!

ann said...

Chrissy, I just got a Kindle Fire for my birthday/Christmas from my husband. I have been reading your blog on it when the wifi isn't spotty. I like it, but still getting used to it. This is where I'm at in your blog. Only 2012 to go!