Friday, July 8, 2011

I don't know if this is karma, or ironic, or what exactly...

So after my post yesterday about needing to find a babysitter more often I ended up being one tonight! It was fun actually, because Brian and Jake have been camping for the last couple of days, so the girls and I got to have a "late night" at Emilie's. They were thrilled. Emilie's kids were perfectly behaved and went straight to bed when asked. (I have to figure out that secret!) My kids of course were not going to lay down when there were all kinds of new and wonderful toys to play with.

I figure tonight was helpful in two ways: 1) the night passed quickly and I wasn't getting all freaked out by every creak and pop I heard because I was too busy taking care of the kids, and 2) I am hoping it will end up being like that saying "To find a friend, you must be a friend," only with babysitters.

Some other fun things we did on our girl day today was go do a little shopping for some summer time clothes. I finally realized when I did all the laundry last week and by Wednesday both girls were out of short sleeved shirts and shorts that they didn't have any summer clothes! Yikes. We found some great deals at Kmart and I was doing the math in my head as we picked the clothes out. I stopped when I figured we were right around $60, and thought that was a bargain for the amount of clothing we were getting. Imagine my surprise when the total was $36! Now I know I'm not a math whiz, but even I can do multiplication fairly accurately. At least it was a pleasant surprise.

After the shopping we went and got pancakes for breakfast. A real treat for my kids, I think they'd rather eat at a pancake house than McDonald's even. Lila was being pretty ornery on the way to eat because she was so hungry. After she pretty much cleaned her plate, she leaned back, gave a contented sigh and then said, "Okay Mom, I not ever be grouchy again." Right... until the next time she gets hungry I guess.

We also went and played with Addie and Libby for a little while. It was fun watching the four little girls clomp around in "noisy shoes" (high heels) and dress ups. It always takes me back to my childhood and playing dolls and dress ups with Dinee.

We've had a good day, but we are pretty excited to drive up and spend the day in the mountains with our boys and have them come home with us. We miss them when they aren't around...


Emilie said...

Thank you again for watching the kids at such short notice!!!! I'm all for being in a babysitting pool!