Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One of those days...

It's just been one of those days.

We had a crazy morning that ended up with people in tears because they couldn't find their library books and being the mean mother that I am, we weren't going to go to story time until we found the books.

We had an okay afternoon. Well, okay after I fought the two year old into submission and she finally took a nap. And then I took a nap because I was just as worn out from our power struggle. When I woke up I discovered Evie curled up at my feet, also sound asleep. Jake enjoyed the quiet time by reading. I seriously love that kid.

We spent some time playing outside, which for my girls means multiple scrapes and scratches and about a pound of dirt apiece in their hair. For Jake it meant making a golf course in the backyard and almost whacking his sisters in the head repeatedly. Finally I couldn't take it any more and so I went inside.

We were almost late for Cub Scouts because there was a power outage earlier today and so all my clocks were a half an hour off.

I took the girls swimming for a bit tonight. That was nice and relaxing.

Brian picked Jake up from scouts, and then went with my dad to fix the breaks on his car. So they just barely got home and we still haven't eaten dinner.

I think the only thing worse than trying to decide what to make for dinner, is trying to decide what to make for a second time when the family doesn't eat all together.

While the boys were fixing the car, I brought the girls home for a bath. When their dinner was ready I asked them to clear off the table. Lila in an effort to be helpful, brought a glass to the sink and then hurled it in with surprising force. Scared both of us.

Now we're down to four glasses. I was thinking of getting some more drinking glasses when I was at Ikea last Saturday.... apparently that was a premonition I should have paid attention to.


Dinee said...

We had to switch to plastic cups at our house for similar reasons...although it was Tay and I breaking them. Hope tomorrow is better for you!

Megs said...

I'm a little exhausted just reading about your day! Hope tomorrow is a little more mellow

Emilie said...

Oh man. I hope tomorrow is filled with less things breaking.