Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Observations

We thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning, especially Brian.

The plan was for me to take Jake to church and Brian to keep the girls home because the three of them are still a little under the weather.

The kids were not happy with that plan.

Especially Jacob, who really really wanted his Dad to be there for when he was introduced to the congregation as a newly baptized member.

Brian is a really really good dad.

Not only did he go to church while not feeling 100%, he got up and bore his testimony.

It was a special experience, because it is not something that happens very often as it is very difficult for him to move around and climb up to the pulpit, and he is setting such a great example for his children.

Jacob also choose to bear his testimony today for the first time.

He was so sweet as he talked about the atonement and how he knows that because of it he will see his Mima Kim again.

He has inherited the Madsen gene that means speaking of spiritual things equals tears.

I cried too. (I didn't wear any make up to church today, so that was okay.)

I found out later he had quite a few people in tears.

You can't help but feel proud when other people take the time to tell you how amazing your child is.

Evie also had a big day when she agreed to step in and give a talk at the last minute.

I was so proud of her for not crying and being shy, but talking slowly and clearly (mostly) into the microphone.

Today was my last day as her primary teacher, I'll be moving over to another class.

I think this move will be good for both of us.

I love Sunday nights, whether it's spent visiting with family or hanging out quietly at home.

It takes us a ridiculously long time to watch a movie.

Like a 90 minute movies takes us over 3 hours long.

The kids never need us until we sit down to watch a movie.

Why is that?

Maybe that's why Brian never wants to watch a movie with me...

I plan to thoroughly enjoy sleeping in tomorrow too.

At least until 8:30, so we can get to the pancake breakfast.

The children are really looking forward to it.


Noelle said...

Jacob's testimony was simply amazing. He is obviously a special child. I had some family there too who commented on his maturity, intelligence and sweet spirit. I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you or him at the time.