Monday, July 11, 2011

Random pictures from the last 24 hours....

My kids have been in weird moods today. 
There has been a lot of whiny, a lot of silly and just about everything else in between. 

I came upstairs from changing over the laundry to find this very detailed chart and graph sitting in my living room.  After an equally long and convoluted explanation from Jacob I finally understood what it was about. This is charting his satisfaction rate with each member of the family. He was quick to reassure me that even though I was currently only ranking second it was a new week and I would have a new chance for better numbers. 
Gee, thanks.

I have to point out my favorite thing on his chart. Ish. It stands for issues he has with us. That and the fact that he has my age listed at 31, I'll take it.

Apparently Lila got her hands on the camera. There were about twenty pictures of her chin and shirt in various stages of blurriness, and one of underneath Evie's bed. 

Jake's original design for a poster advertising the movie he's writing a script for. He seriously cracks me up.

Lila barely survived dinner.
It's so hard to be at this stage when she really still needs a nap most days and the choice is between dealing with a horribly tired and ornery toddler from late afternoon on, or having her refuse to go to bed at a reasonable hour. 

Evie's been more low key today. Probably because she's getting over a 24 flu bug. She has still had her moments though. Tonight she was snuggling with her daddy and climbed down from his chair to get a pillow. As she got down she said, "Well. That's shocking!" in the tone of voice you'd expect from an old maid who saw a dirty picture or something. Brian and I both responded quickly with. "What? What's shocking?" She looked at Brian and said, "I touched your blanket and it shocked me." We really do have horrible static electricity in our house...


Megs said...

when I look at Jake's chart, all I can think of is Sheldon. :)

What is his movie about? I love how creative he is!

Emilie said...

Love this whole post.

You have a great family.

Sandra & Brent said...

An LOL post, for sure. Where does Jake come up with this stuff? His I.Q. and creativity are off the charts. He's really not right or left brained . . . he's kind of
ambi-brainderous. I loved the self-photo that Lila took. Andrea used to do this regularly.

Dinee said...

Tay says you'd better shape up and improve those numbers. I laughed at the picture of Lila during dinner. At one point tonight during dinner, I looked at Libby and she was eating a chip with her eyes closed and her head bobbing from side to side. She barely made it through the meal and has been in bed ever since.

Noelle said...

Your kids are so cute and intelligent! I would love to be a fly on your wall. Jacob's chart is equally impressive and hilarious! I love the percentages, ages listed.. everything. It sounds like you definitely have your hands full :)