Sunday, July 10, 2011

Please ignore the rumors...

Awhile back Lila started talking about marriage. A lot. Since she's at an age where she is full of imagination, watching a lot of princess movies, and she attended my cousin's wedding recently, this seemed fairly normal. Then she started saying things like, "I marry Evie, Jake marries Libby, but Daddy doesn't marry Mommy."  Of course my response was something like, "Silly girl, Daddy already married Mommy." She would just shake her head and say, "No, Daddy not marry you."

When Brian would come home Lila would greet him with a stern demand that he marry me, immediately. In vain we both tried to convince her that we were in fact already married. We would point to our wedding picture and say, "See sweetie, that's when we got married." But she wasn't buying it.

Unfortunately it then progressed to where she was telling complete strangers in the grocery store, "Daddy not marry Mommy."  In desperation I would remonstrate with her and say, "For Heaven's sake Lila! Stop telling people we're not married! We ARE married!"

After a few weeks of this I decided it was time for a serious discussion of what she thought marriage was and why she thought Brian and I weren't. Turns out she thinks getting married means dancing. Because at the end of all the fairy tales the prince and princess get married, and then they dance. And Daddy most definitely does not dance with Mommy.

Since then we've been trying very hard to get her to say "dancing" instead of "married". I thought we were making pretty good progress. Then today at church (It was just her and I because Brian stayed home with Evie who had a flu bug, and Jake stayed home to help) one of her nursery leaders came over to say hello. He asked Lila how she was doing and Lila smiled up at him and said, "I have a new daddy!" He looked at me in shock, and I looked at her in shock and asked, "What did you just say?" She repeated, quite clearly, "I have a new daddy."

Oh brother, here we go again...

Just for the record, no she doesn't.
And no I don't know why she said it.
(And the only reason I'm not wearing my wedding ring is because I need to get it re-sized and am afraid of losing it.)

Crazy girl. Don't believe anything she says.