Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jake's Baptism

It was a great day. Jake was so excited as he counted down the hours until we'd leave for the church. There was a lot of last minute cooking and cleaning, but thanks to both of our wonderful families everything got done with relatively little stress.

Jake and Brian looking very dapper.

I think this picture will be a special memory for Jacob his whole life. Brian was able to baptize him, with a little help getting in and out of the font from his father. Three generations strong in the gospel, that is pretty neat. 

We had an overwhelming number of family and friends take time out of this busy holiday weekend to come and support Jacob, and even more who sent cards, emails and well wishes even though they couldn't be here. It means so much more than we can say to feel so loved. 

I am so proud of my son for the choice he made today and the spirit and strong character he brings into our home everyday. I got to talk for a few minutes about him before he was confirmed and I wanted to record those thoughts here for our family record.


You are a miracle.

When your daddy was a young man he was in a horrible car accident. The doctors all thought that he wouldn't live, and if he did he wouldn't be able to walk or talk or be normal ever again. But he did live, and although he has had some challenges because of it, he has had more of a normal life than they thought he would.  We both believe very strongly that one of the reasons his life was spared was because there were some very special spirits (you and your sisters) who were waiting to join our family. All babies are miracles, and you are an especially amazing miracle.

You have been blessed with a strong intelligence and understanding.

When you were one year old I was reading a book about shapes to you. By the time we were finished you could say and find all the shapes, even when I pointed to them out of order. Including zig-zag and crescent moon.  That was the first time your daddy and I realized that you might be a little different from other children.

When you were two years old you fell and cut your lip. While we were waiting in the Dr's office we played a game of counting fingers to keep you from thinking about your owie. By the time we left you had mastered the concept of addition and subtraction. We were stunned.

The year you were three you got a new book for Christmas. And you came and sat down and read it to me before I could read it to you. It was Snow by P.D. Eastman. I was thrilled, and a little overwhelmed to realize the rate at which you absorbed knowledge. 

It is a privilege and a responsibility for us as your parents to guide you and help you seek after the best learning that you can. (So stop being mad at us for sending you to the Spectrum program. It's our job to give you the best opportunities we can...)

You are such a kind and loving boy.

I believe that you were born first in our family because Heavenly Father knew you would make the best big brother. You are so sweet and patient with your sisters, and they look up to you so much. You are able to make friends easily and are always willing to let everyone join in the fun. You are the best helper for both of your parents and have had to step in and take over more responsibilities than many six or seven or eight year old have to shoulder. And you are always willing to help us, maybe not always happily, but at least always willing. I especially appreciate the job you take on in being your Daddy's legs, I know it isn't always easy.

You are a good example.

We are so proud of you Jacob and the choice you made to be baptized today. You are a very deep thinker and I know that this was not a decision that you came to lightly. I appreciate that even at your tender age you feel so strongly about learning and studying the scriptures to find answers.  Your little sisters will be watching and learning from you how to navigate this world, and that thought brings me a lot of peace. I am not worried that you will teach them anything but good and worthy things. 

I love you with all my heart, son. 
Thank you for being you.



April Weeks said...

The things you are recording are so very priceless. You are storing up treasures on the earth.

Amanda said...

I hope you've written the testimony he gave today down somewhere for him. Or that he's done it himself. That was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. What a great kid!

Lynae said...

Chrissy, I'll say it again...You have such a way with words. Such a beautiful letter to your son. He seems like a great kid! But how could he not be, with such great parents!

Elizabeth said...

Yay Jake! I just wanted to say that we are sorry we missed it :( We had a family reunion that same day. I can't believe he is eight! He is quite the remarkable kid. Congrats Jake, and way to go Chrissy and Brian for being such great parents!

Noelle said...

What a beautiful letter to your son. He is truly gifted. You must realize that you are an amazing person to be trusted to care for him!