Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three wheelin'

Brian and Jake have been on a Father's and Son's camp out with Brian's side of the family this weekend. They had so much fun doing... whatever it is that boys do when girls aren't around. (I'm thinking a guest post is in order for them to fill us in on their getaway.) 

So today the girls joined them for a day playing in the mountains. We got up to camp in time for lunch and then set off to see some sights and do some fishing. We stayed through dinner time and then packed up our boys and came home. It's one of my favorite ways to camp while I have little children.  A nice long day of playing in the dirt and nature, and none of the inconveniences of packing and sleeping away from home. Plus we get to shower before going to bed. Always a plus in my book...

Here are a few of the shots I took of our day:

Brian's always loved to go off-roading,

and rock crawling.

Brian was so happy that he had his scooter and could drive around the paths and explore with us. The last couple of times we've been camping in this area he only had his crutches with him and so ended up waiting in the car for us, not too fun for him.

Provo River Falls in Kamas Canyon. 
This is the fullest we've ever seen this river running.  
Nature's untamed power is pretty awe inspiring.

Jake and Grandma T.

Evie's turn.

Lila has to do everything the big kids do, even climbing on great big rocks!

This just about sums up the day. We were all together, but the kids were too busy/silly/tired/ornery to pause for one second to smile in the same direction at the same time. Oh well, at least we were together.


Sarah said...

What a cute picture of the five of you!