Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Evie!

I know this is where you'd usually say something like, "I can't believe my baby girl is three!" But frankly, I can. I love having daughters. Girls are just so much fun to accessorize. Evie is my sweet, busy girly girl who loves shoes, chocolate, jewelry, and watching shows where the girls wear pretty, fancy dresses.

We started off the morning with a breakfast of toaster waffles. Evie wanted cake, so Daddy very cleverly stacked them up and added syrup "frosting" and a candle, and pretty much saved the day!

Of course she managed to blow out the candle right after the camera stopped filming. Ah well, I figure it was just the trial run. I'll make sure we get the actual moment with the cake tomorrow.

She got to open three of her presents after breakfast. (We are doing the cake/ice cream/party thing tomorrow with the families.) She got the dress I made her so she can wear it to church, a princess tiara set, and a sash so that everyone knows it's her special day! Plus it's my new tradition.

Evie got her wish! She wanted to go to Build-a-Bear and make a pink bear. We had a fun "girl time" afternoon with Aunt Caite and Lila along for the ride.

Here is Evie with her bear that she named Evie Two and picked out a Cinderella outfit for, complete with glass slippers. After all the bear making fun we headed over to the food court and enjoyed sharing a frozen lemonade. Then Caite and Evie played in the fountains at the Gateway.

Since I'd brought a change of bottoms we were able to let her dry off and change at the car, but I didn't have an extra shirt. So the birthday girl rode home in her birthday suit!

We went to Dad's for dinner, he grilled salmon. Yum! The kids got to jump in the pool for a little bit before dinner and when they were changing into their swimsuits Evie hit hyper-drive! She was running all over my dad's house absolutely naked and shouting, "It's my birthday! Oh my goodness!! It's my birthday! Hooray!!" It was hilarious.

She got to open her presents from Caite and Patrick after dinner. Two pairs of adorable shoes! One, a pretty pink church pair, and one brown and pink canvas with stripes and polka dots! She was in heaven! (I had a hard time getting her to take them off for bed.) At one point when she was opening the 2nd pair she said, "Oh my goodness, how many pair of shoes does one girl need!?" ( have to imagine that said in a very excited voice.) I don't know how she'll survive the excitement of the party tomorrow with more presents and cake!


Kamra said...

Evie!!! Happy Birthday!!! You are getting so big! You look beautiful in your new birthday dress!

Love Aunt Kamie

Elizabeth said...

I don't think I have ever seen a happier little three year old. What a great mom to make that such a special day for her!

Mandy said...

Sounds like too much fun for one little 3 year old!!! Give her a big birthday hug from all of us, the girls really miss her.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Evie! Justin has been asking about his birthday for the past two weeks. So long to wait when you're almost 3! Our party will be much different, though. It's all about the construction vehicles for Justin. No pink shoes here! Glad you had a fun birthday celebration!

April said...

What a living doll she is! and her mom is pretty dang cute too!