Monday, August 3, 2009

Tissue Paper!

Oh my goodness, I hardly know where to start. I guess by saying that Evie is spoiled for choice when it comes to family and friends that love her. We had a great little get together for her birthday Sunday night. Dinner with the grandparents and Caite and Patrick, and then the rest of the family came for the cake and ice cream. I made pink and brown cupcakes, which apparently threw some people. The strawberry cupcakes were frosted with chocolate, and the chocolate cupcakes were frosted with strawberry. Sorry to the purists who don't like their fruit and chocolate mixed. (It all just tastes like sugar to me...)

Here is a group shot of about half of the attendees, from left to right is my cousin Sarah and her little boy, Aunt Caite, Uncle Patrick, the birthday girl, Pa Dave, (great)Grandpa Jerry, and half of Uncle Kaleb's forehead.

We got the moment of her blowing out her candles this time. Three whole candles. She is so excited to be three, she tells us all at least once an hour that she is now three, and not two anymore. (Ok, I do have a little video of it but it won't upload for some reason. I will have to figure that out later.)

I love this face. This is her excited face. And everything, I mean everything about her happy birthday was exciting to her.

I loved watching her open her presents. If someone asked her what it was before she had gotten every scrap of wrapping paper off of it she would say, "I don't know until I open it." And she was still thrilled every time she opened a package or bag to find tissue paper. I don't know what the deal is with the tissue paper, she doesn't try to keep or anything. She would have those same excited eyes and yell, "Tissue paper!"

This was her big present from Pa Dave. It is an easel and a roll of paper for it so she can draw and paint and scribble to her hearts content. She loves it and has already been busy making masterpieces today.

Here is some more of her loot. She got her first Barbie doll from Grandma T. (A pink princess one, how perfect!) She also got several books, a princess coloring book, some princess bubble bath, a ballet outfit, some dress up gloves and more... like I said, spoiled.

These are her new jammies from Grandma and Papa T. She loves them and they fit perfectly!

And this it my favorite present that I picked out. She has been asking for a new "pack-pack" ever since we got Jake's new one for school. I couldn't resist when I found this one, it could not be more perfect...


Lawson Family said...

It makes it so fun when you know they'll be excited and happy with just about tissue paper! She seems like happy little girl and reminds me a lot of my three-year-old.

Dinee said...

What a fun birthday! We have a gift for her too, we just haven't made it up to your house yet. We'll try to drop it off tomorrow.

Emily said...

So cute and rightfully spoiled. Happy birthday Evie!