Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's 10 am, do you know where your car keys are?

I was snuggling in bed feeding Lila her bottle and enjoying a few more moments of rest when the older two children decided that their feet were cold and wanted in on the snuggling. Nice, right? For about two and a half minutes until they started climbing all over each other and me like a box full of puppies. And then, CRACK! Jake's glasses just weren't designed to withstand a three year old jumping on his face. With a sigh of resignation that resting time was over I called the eye doctors to make an appointment and see if they might be able to fix the glasses until we can get the new ones. An hour later we were all cleaned-up, dressed, and ready to set out on our errands. I found my purse, I found my phone, I didn't find my sunglasses, but I did grab the i-pod while looking for them and remembered both diapers and a change of undies for the mostly potty-trained among us. What I couldn't find anywhere were my car keys. In the last week we have lost the DVD remote (or ma-rote as it is called at our house...) a pair of safety scissors (I have my suspicions about that one...) and all three pairs of tweezers (which I had a coupon for a $1 off last week and didn't buy because I thought I already had three pair at home...) were my car keys sucked up into that vortex of disappearing stuff? Nope. My husband took them to work with him. Not on purpose of course, not that that makes it any less inconvenient for me. I thought, "Okay, we'll walk to the doctors. It's not that far. Then we could stop at the park on the way back..." Until I realize that both strollers are locked in the van. Hmmm. I am NOT carrying the baby, we'd never make it. Brian did offer to drive them home on his lunch break, but it isn't worth the gas money to me. Enter my dad to save the day, he works halfway between our house and Brian's work, plus he gets like 100 mpg. He just dropped them off so now we can go do our errands, Thanks Pa Dave!

Oh and my suspicion about the scissors? Evie decided she wanted short hair like Aunt Caite and started trimming up one side. Yeah, I'd post a picture but my camera is at my dad's and I was going to go get it, but somebody took off with my keys. I will post before and after pictures in a few days. I could have cheerfully paddled her bottom, but it's only hair, it will grow back, and I am so grateful that she only cut her own hair and not someone else's. We have had a long talk about who cuts our hair. Only the "haircut ladies"! Let's hope this lesson sticks.


Mandy said...

can't wait to see pictures! I'm sure no matter what her hair looks like she'll be adorable!

Sandra & Brent said...

Sigh. A day like this just makes you want to hurl yourself off the church office building or something like that! Like, you just want to hit the delete button, eh? I have to admit to laughing though, Chrissy! Sorry . . . it's just too funny when it's not me! Love ya, Sandra