Sunday, August 23, 2009

My sweet boy...

On the way home from a busy day of running errands we made one last "stop" to run the van through the car wash. It is an automated one just down the street from our house and one of my husband's favorite chores. (Probably because he feels he accomplishes something while not having to actually get out of the car...) It is also quite noisy with the high pressure water spraying and the large spinning things that beat your car clean, then you drive under the jet engines that blow the car dry. About halfway through I realized that Lila was absolutely silent so I asked Jake if she was asleep. He said, "Nope. She's just staring at all the interesting stuff out the window." I started to chuckle and said to Brian, "Remember when Jake was her age and he would scream and cry whenever we'd drive through the car wash?" Brian started to chuckle with me and from the backseat Jake responded, somewhat indignantly, "That's because I have a tender spirit." My sweet, sensitive, tender-hearted boy. I hope you never lose that part of you.


Dinee said...

Jake is truly a tender spirit.

Elena Loo said...

I still laugh when I see the "THX" when movies start - thinking of him.

He is such a sweet, helpful, handsome, tender, yet strong spirited boy.

We are so lucky to have the greatest nephew ever!