Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1/2 bath + 1/2 bath = ?

We almost have a completely working bathroom upstairs. The plumber was here finishing hooking things up but we ran into a couple of snafus. The toilet and the bathtub work in the hall bathroom, but the faucet we bought was missing a part so no working sink yet.

 In Brian's bathroom the toilet and the sink are working, but the tile was thicker(?) than they were expecting so they need an expansion kit to be able to hook up the valves. (I honestly have no clue what I'm talking about here, I'm just repeating what the plumber told me.) Anyway, here's hoping that by tomorrow all the plumbing will be in working order, even though there is no electricity until Thursday...

They installed the roll-under sink and mirror. I think it looks beautiful... I mean, manly. As I was talking to one of the contractors today I realized that we are going to have to get creative at figuring out some organization for Brian's stuff in the bathroom, since there are no cupboards or anything in there. I guess the best thing is to live with it for awhile and see just how much stuff ends up living on the counter top.

They also took the painter's paper off the floor, so you can see the paint and the flooring together. 
I like. :)

Another hold up, they were short about fifteen planks of the laminate to finish the room. Of course it's a special order so we have to wait another week for it to get here and be installed. C'est la vie. 

The contractor said we could start moving our stuff back into the room if we wanted. Um, no thanks. I want to make sure everything is done first, I don't workmen having to move my furniture and clothing around to install lights or touch up paint or whatever. Plus I also want a chance to clean everything really well too. It's barely been six weeks, I can live with one more. 

Now I'm off to scrub out my bathtub and enjoy the half of my bathroom that is working!


Amanda said...

Everything is looking great!