Monday, February 11, 2013

Temper tantrums, Lila style...

I know you might think that with her larger than life personality, our spunky four year old would have some pretty epic melt-downs... but here's the thing. She's a dang smart cookie, and she's already learned just how much that doesn't fly with this mama. No, her tantrums are more along the line of throwing herself onto which ever bed or couch is handy with great dramatic flair, and then sobbing loudly into the pillow. After a minute or so if she doesn't get a response she'll sneak a peek to see if you are still watching her. If you are then the noisy tears resume, if you've left the room she'll follow you and throw herself down onto another bed. It's so over the top it is just comical, and I usually end up laughing and telling her if she wants to cry to go into a different room because she's too loud. Since it's no fun to cry without an audience that's usually the end of that.

Our sleeping schedule and arrangements have been somewhat chaotic this last month, and especially the last few weeks with her being sick and then us staying at my dad's. What with one thing and another she has ended up in our bed more nights then not. Tonight as I was tucking her in I was very clear that she was to stay in her own bed... the WHOLE night. She started to whimper and then kick her feet under the covers, and cried, "But Mommy! I just want you!"

"I know you do, honey, but you need to sleep in your own bed. I will come and check on you and wake you up with kisses in the morning."

"I just want you!"

"Well, we can't always get what we want..."

"I just want you!"

"Well, I DON'T want YOU in my bed! That is final!"

As I was heading for the stairs there was an audible flop and the predictable noisy sobs into the pillow. Jake rushed to fill the void I had left with my terrible pronouncement and tried to comfort his little sister. Then I heard my baby cry, "I just want my Mo-om-meeeee! But she doesn't want meeeeee!"


It would take a harder heart than mine to leave a child suffering under that misunderstanding.

So I went back and hugged her and kissed her, and reassured her that I wanted her. I want her to be my little girl and my sweetheart. That I will always want her and be there for her. But that I still did not want her to sleep in my bed. It took awhile to settle her down and I kind of doubt that I will wake up without her draped across my half of the bed, but we both agreed to try.

Man, this parenting thing is exhausting...