Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Chrissy!

Though the title may be confusing, this is not Chrissy wishing herself a Happy Birthday.  This is Brian, taking the opportunity to make my 3rd guest blog appearance.  I want to take this chance to publicly wish her a Happy Birthday and let her know how much I love her.  I really do love you Chris.  I know I say it a lot, but I hope that I show it as well. 

I'm not the great writer that Chrissy is, but I'll do my best to sum up the evening and share a funny Jake moment from the night.  I got home earlier than typical tonight because I had the fun opportunity to have a dentist appointment.  We loaded the family up and went over to Farmington to see Jacobs entry in the Reflections Contest.  He made it to Regionals, and we are really proud of him.  Maybe Chrissy will post his entry in her blog for you all (I don't pretend to have her blogging skills!).  Caitlin and her friend Kaylee were down visiting with Chrissy today, so they came along too. 

We all then went to meet Chrissy's Dad at a restaurant for dinner.  Our kids were pretty well behaved, and Jacob cracked us all up as usual.  Shortly after getting served our appetizers, he flagged our waitress down with a "Excuse me, miss..", she politely asked "yes?" to which he replied (in a very official tone) "Would you please inform the appropriate parties, that it is her birthday?" as he gestured toward his mother.  We all got a good laugh, and the waitress replied that she was the appropriate party to inform, and that he had done an excellent job of doing so.  The kids all thought it was pretty cool when the server's all gathered around and sang their happy birthday song for her. 

I hope that it's been a fun and relaxing day for her.  She definitely deserves that!  We've had a crazy busy past couple of months, and she's had a lot on her plate.  I just want you all to know how much I love and appreciate her for all that she does and all that she is.  I know all of our kids adore her as much as I do, and I am grateful she is such an awesome wife and mom. 

Happy Birthday Chrissy!