Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random observations for the day...

We watched the Super Bowl at my Dad's and ate lots of nummy finger foods.

That's my favorite kind of meal, where the kids can graze as they like and don't need much if any help from me.

I finished January's baby hat.

We did our taxes.

Did you know that if you use Turbo Tax there is a button you can click after you e-file that lets you brag via Facebook and Twitter that you are all kinds of awesome and have your stuff together, and have already done your taxes?

I guess I'm old school in that I just brag about it on my blog...

I've spent the last half hour playing a fun new game called, "Let's hide our dirty laundry in random spots and really make Mom work for it."

I'm not a fan.

Tomorrow I have to try to do enough laundry to get us by for a week.

Nothing makes me want to own less stuff than trying to find something in this mess of half-packed boxes.

Except yarn.

I would be happy to look for things in boxes and boxes of yarn...