Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ice cream makes everything better...

I am not the favorite parent today.

I took Evie in to the doctor because she's been complaining of an ear ache for the past three days. Fortunately it's not an ear infection, but since I had all three of them there I decided to get their flu shots done. And since we had waited so long it was the actual shot instead of the flu mist they've gotten the past couple of years. It was pretty traumatic. Both girls cried and screamed, and pretty much carried on like they were getting something amputated.

Not being above bribing my children to love me, and a firm believer that ice cream heals all wounds, I took them to Dairy Queen afterwards.

As we were driving over all three children were comparing their experience of the shot. (As if we weren't all in the room when it happened... we all heard you scream the first time.) Lila, quick to capitalize on the tiniest bit of sympathy, said in the most forlorn tone of voice, "Guess what guys, I got shot in the leg..."

"No, no, no," I jumped in, "You got A shot in the leg, not you got shot in the leg!"

"Oh, right. I got A shotted in my leg."

Close enough.

I didn't realize that my children have no idea what an Orange Julius was. There were signs posted all over DQ that Orange Julius is coming soon to that location. Jake, thinking that it was the same thing as OrangeLeaf got very excited and said, rather loudly, "Look Mom! Orange Hu-lee-us is coming soon!"

I burst out laughing and then said, "Who is coming soon?"

"Orange Hu-lee-us?"

"Ahh... Did you have Spanish today?"

"Yes, we have it every Monday through Thursday... why?"

"It's Orange Ju-lee-us."

"Oh... I guess that would be Naranja Hu-lee-us anyway."

Cheeky kid, he can even be witty in Spanish.