Friday, February 8, 2013

And that's why I'm the worst house guest ever...

So... do you remember two weeks ago when I took out the light post? Well today I went and paid that ticket, and then stopped by my dad's house to pick up a few things I had forgotten when I packed us up this afternoon. (We've been crashing there for the last four days while we were without toilets upstairs.) I left the kids in the car and ran inside, I yelled out hello but there was no answer so I figured my dad was out. I went into the family room closet to grab a toy Lila had forgotten, and as I walked back out to the kitchen I heard a  noise in the garage. I walked over and opened the door into the garage to see if my dad was in there for some reason. His car was gone, and I noticed the garage door was... not right. Then I heard my children screaming. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can move when I hear that sound...

My first thought was that one of my kids had climbed into the front and was messing around or bumped the gear shift by mistake, but one look at Jake dispelled that thought. He was white as a sheet and the girls were equally freaked out, the car had been moving so slowly that they didn't realize it was moving until they hit the door! I swear by all that is holy I had put the car into park, but I had to have put it into neutral by mistake. I called Brian in tears, and then my dad to tell him what I had done. The lesson learned is NEVER leave the car running, even for a minute! When I think of how easily it could have been worse, or if it had been in reverse and rolled out into traffic with my babies in the backseat I just feel sick...

I was already really shaken and upset on the way home, then Jake mused from the backseat, "Wow mom, that's two accidents with property damage in two weeks, and not even a scratch on your car..." 
I promptly burst into tears and cried the rest of the way home. Fortunately my dad called and said it took three kicks from the inside to pop it back out and that it opens and shuts just fine, so no real damage done. I feel a little better, but I am not driving anywhere for the rest of the weekend. I just feel like a walking disaster area!

On a more positive note we have a working toilet again!

My happy, clean, and white bathroom. 

One of my favorite features in this new bathroom, a heating vent! We didn't have one in there before so that bathroom was always hot in the summertime and ice cold in the winter. Right above it is where I plan to hang the towel rack, and just think how nice it will be to get out of the bath and wrap a lovely warm towel around yourself in the wintertime. 

A couple of shots with the paint color.

It's a very nice white and I'm excited to see what it looks like with the flooring when they pull up the paper. I definitely want to put more color on the walls, but this is a perfect starting point until I can decide exactly which color I we want. 

It's kind of hard to see but they also installed a rubber dam along Brian's shower. It's soft so he can roll over it and then it will pop back up to help keep the water in.

Doors and doorknobs!
And just for fun, here's what this hall used to look like.

So crazy.