Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's/Birthday Brian!

We had a very nice, low-key day celebrating both Valentine's Day and Brian's birthday. Caite was down visiting while Patrick was working, and was very kind in helping me tidy up the house and run errands to get ready for our little party. We had a quiet dinner at home of tortellini and pesto, and I baked a chocolate cake. Then we all exchanged our gifts.

I've always thought that it was kind of unfair for my sweet husband that he has to get other people gifts on his birthday. But because he is such a sweetheart he never seems to mind, in fact he's always more excited for me to open my gift than he is to see what he got. Most years by the time we get to February we're pretty much tapped out, because we have Christmas, our anniversary, Valentine's day, and both of our birthdays within six weeks. So usually we give each other a card and a heart-felt "Happy Birthday!" This year we got the pleasant surprise of getting our tax return yesterday, so we both got to pick up a small present or two for each other. I got Brian some socks (I know, hold on to your hats!) and the new James Bond movie, and Lila picked out a bottle of Mt. Dew and stuck a bow on it. Not much, but when you really are only expecting a card it makes for a nice surprise. 

Brian gets major brownie points for my surprise. He got me a bracelet for collecting personalized beads, like a charm bracelet. I don't wear jewelry that often, my wedding ring and the occasional necklace or pair of earrings for church, but I love the idea of collecting beads that represent special things to me. Brian loves to give me jewelry, so he was very excited that I actually expressed interest in it. Plus now he has a go-to gift for any occasion, a new bead for my bracelet! 

One funny story from dinner. Jake has a tendency to wolf down his food and then be stuck at the table while the rest of us finish eating. Tonight was no exception, and so while he waited for us he started playing with a mylar balloon Brian had brought for the girls. He decided it made a nice mirror, grabbed a hairbrush, and started brushing his hair into different styles. The rest of us were eating and visiting, and suddenly Evie reached out and bopped the balloon floating by her elbow. It smacked into Jake's face, who was taken completely by surprise since he'd been concentrating on his hair so intently. It was such an AFV moment (Seriously? Why am I never filming when these things happen?! We could be making so much money!) and all of us were literally howling with laughter. Until I calmed down a bit and noticed that Evie was howling all right, but in tears! I think she thought she was in trouble and then we were all so noisy it just completely over-set her. Poor kid, it took a full ten minutes to calm her down and get her to get off my lap and finish her dinner. But oh! The look on Jake's face was priceless! 

Obviously a recreation for blogging purposes... but still very funny because as he was concentrating on himself in the balloon again Aunt Caite reached out and bopped him in the face with it again.


Sandra and Brent said...

Chrissy, I love reading your posts. All of them. I don't always take the time to comment but I want you to know that I'm a faithful reader and in my crazy world where I never know what city, state or country I'm going to be in, your blog is one of a couple that have become kind of "touchstones" for me. Your writing grounds me, centers me and helps me find a sense of security and comfort. Really. It's true. Love you. Sandra

Brian said...

Thank you for making it such a fun birthday / Valentines Day! I Love You sweetheart!