Friday, February 15, 2013

If you give a girl a finished construction project...

Chances are she'll want to clean before she moves her furniture back in.

So she'll start to take an inventory of what needs to be done,

and then she'll realize that her fabric sorters are exactly what they were thinking of getting for the bedroom.

So she'll try to figure out where she can move her fabric to, 

and exactly how to organize it all in a usable fashion.

Then she'll realize that it's probably best just to move the whole dang sewing room into the old laundry room,

and give the children back the rec room to play in. 

So she'll look around the laundry room and realize that she'll have to find somewhere different for the holiday decorations to live.

She'll decide that the cold storage room would work with a little bit of rearranging, 
and a couple sets of shelves. 

And before you know it the only clean room in her entire house will be the storage room no one ever sees!

 (Although she'll feel better knowing one space in her home is organized...)

And chances are, after all that work, she'll fall into her bed (which is still in the living room) and think, "At this rate I may not get to move back into my bedroom for another month!"

By the time we're done it will pretty much be the same as if we'd moved. I am determined however, to take the time and sort through all the boxes of accumulated junk we have and get my home clean, organized and user-friendly again! I actually enjoy organizing and de-junking, now if I can just get my family to have the same good attitude we can get most of it done this weekend... and if I can find someone willing to make a run to the dump, since today was garbage day and the can is already full again.

One of the big jobs I got done today was sorting through the boxes and boxes of Brian's papers and pictures  that his parents sent down before they left on their mission. I kept the pictures and letters that had sentimental value and was able to pare it down to two boxes. Plus it was fun to get a peek into my husband's life before I ever knew him.

This is a letter he wrote when he was roughly the same age that Jake is now. 
So sweet... and excellent penmanship.


Amanda said...

I love how Brian signed his last name on the letter--as if he might be mistaken for another son named Brian. We've gotten a few letters like that from Spencer in the past. So cute!