Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blocks and Books

Today was a fairly normal day, but lots of little things happened that I apparently felt the need to document with a picture. So this post has a LOT of pictures.

 After lunch Lila asked me to play with the building blocks with her.

Who could resist that face? Not me.

We build a shop for Hello Kitty to sell baked goods from.

Note the Japanese influence in the architecture...

Lila decided that we should post armed guards at the base of the steps.

Then she thought if two is good, setting up a perimeter defense would be better.

Only serious buyers allowed.
I'm always glad when I slow down long enough to be treated to a game of make believe with one of my children. It's so fun to get a peek inside their heads.

We ran home to check out how the installation of the floors went.

I am so in love with my flooring!

 It's nerve-wracking when you're trying to envision how a room will look from a two foot long sample, but I couldn't be happier. It's exactly what I wanted!

Vinyl in the bathrooms.

Every day I get happier and happier with how this remodel is turning out.

Last month Jake had a pretty awesome accomplishment that I failed to blog about, because it happened on the same day that I got the call about the washer and dryer and that just put everything else right out of my head. He took third place out of the entire school in the Geography Bee. 

Today he was surprised with a gift card to Barnes and Noble as an award! It wasn't hard to talk this mom into swinging by after school to pick up a new book or two. I'm so proud of him, and grateful that he is good at geography in case we ever get lost.

We also stopped by the library so the girls could get a new book too, and I finally paid off all my fines. I love not having any late fees due at the library and have charged all three of my children to help remind me not to get anymore.

That is one of my re-occurring yearly goals: NO library fines!

Lila couldn't quite figure out the correct way to wear this hat, it's supposed to look like this.

I kind of love her unique sense of style though...