Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a long story...

See? It even has chapters.

Chapter 1: 
In which I tangle with a street light and the street light loses.

This winter is sure showing us some crazy weather! I've lived here my whole life and I don't ever remember seeing freezing rain before, or at least since I started driving mumble mumble many years ago. Brian asked if I would drive the kids so that he could leave a few minutes early because he'd heard the commute was looking pretty bad. Sure, no problem. Until I left the house to discover my car was completely encased in ice. Grrr. It took fifteen minutes to chisel the windows clear enough so I could see to drive. 

We were already running late so I, cautious (i.e. paranoid) driver that I am, decided to take things nice and easy on the icy roads. I dropped everybody off just fine and the roads were slick, but manageable. Until we got to Lila's preschool which is in a cul-de-sac that could have doubled for a hockey rink. Even going slowly I still fishtailed a few times, so believe me I was very much aware of the road conditions.

 I made my way down the road and as I came to the intersection there was a car stopped and waiting for traffic. I gently applied the brake, and nothing! I knew enough to know if I stomped on it I would fishtail on the ice and lose control. It was one of those horrible moments where time seems to slow down as I realized I was either going to hit the car in front of me or go off the road. I opted for the snowbank. Unfortunately the snow bank held a street sign, a street light, and a fire hydrant. I hit the street light and then watched as it toppled over in slow motion onto someones snow covered lawn. 

I got out and went to inspect the damage. Nothing to my car, not even a scratch! The only way you could see where I had hit it was the ice on my bumper had cracked. The worst part was sitting around for an hour or so while the police and city workers arrived to inspect the damage. It's probably very petty of me, but I felt slightly vindicated watching as one after another stepped out of their cars and just about went down on their butts. That road was pure ice! I still got a citation for traveling too fast for existing conditions. Sigh... I can't complain. It could have been so much worse. 

It was unsettling to have an accident and have to call the insurance company and all of that. I haven't had a car accident in over fifteen years, probably because that time I totaled that car and it knocked the cockiness right out of me. I'm definitely going to have to try to beat that record and try for at least sixteen years before I have another one.

Chapter Two:
In which the work on the house progresses.

The tile guy was here today prepping the walls in the shower and bathtub.

And the floor for the roll in shower.

I'm excited to see the tile go in. It will be the first of our choices being installed and I'm anxious to see how the colors work in a big area instead of just a sample.

Chapter 3:
In which I accomplish my goals.

Even with as crazy as my day started off, I knew there would be someone out there just waiting to see if I did my three simple goals. It helped me not slack off and come up with excuses not to do them.

Change the light bulbs. 
I didn't get to all of them, but I did get the ones at the top of the stair that have been burnt out for three years. Yay me! I also dusted the light and that corner which had been accumulating quite the impressive collection of cobwebs which became visible once there was light. So that's worth like a double check on my list.

#1 and 3 
Clean sink and finished dishcloth. 
Artistically draped even...

Overall, I feel much better about today. Even with the lows, there were some pretty great highs. I got to hang out with Caite and her friend Kaylee, we went to lunch at Kneader's, and I still met my goals for the day.
Isn't amazing that having a clean kitchen sink trumps car accident?


Caitlin said...

Bravo on the goal-accomplishing! You've definitely had a busy day!

Mary said...

So glad the accident wasn't worse! And good job on your goals. :)

Emilie said...

well done! Extra points for you!

The Cole Family said...

The remodel is looking so good! Sorry to hear about your accident....frozen roads are no bueno!