Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Attitude with a capital A!

Earlier today I told Lila to go get a new diaper out of her closet and bring it to me so I could change her.  Five minutes later she comes down the hall and pauses in the kitchen door way, and she was NOT carrying a diaper. I asked her, "Lila, did you bring me a diaper?"  She cocked her head to one side, tapped her cheek with her finger and said, "Hmmm, let me think...."  all the while giving me a look that clearly said 'You foolish woman... do you see a diaper in my hand?'  Obviously rhetorical questions will not work with this child.

At least she doesn't reserve all her sass for me. A couple of nights ago Brian and she met in the hallway and were both trying to go different directions.  Lila looked up at him and said, "Excuse me, lady!" as she pushed past his crutches.

And of course her brother and sister don't escape the attitude either. One day they were all playing in the girl's room and as they all tried to walk out the door together there was much bumping into each other and off the walls. I distinctly heard Lila say, "Hey watch it! I'm walking here!" sounding for all the world like a New York City pedestrian.  (She has since said it to me as we passed on the stairs.)

I don't want her to think that talking back and sassing people is acceptable, but lately it's been all I can do to not just burst out laughing. And she most definitely does not need the positive reinforcement...