Sunday, February 13, 2011

A bit of random fashion...

Lately Evie's been on a big "I want to pick out my own outfit" kick. 

I personally love the combinations she comes up with. Stripes, plaids, dots, flowers. Some days there is an overall theme or color (yesterday was pink). Sometimes there's not. 

Lila is still happy enough to let me dress her most days. I am having almost daily fits of nostalgia as most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from Evie.

Today Evie insisted on wearing her white and red dress because tomorrow is Valentine's day. Lila finally grew into the dress I made her last year.

Evie also wanted me to do her hair like Belle.
I did my best. 
She was happy, so I call it good.
(She also told me three different times today that she wants to be Belle for Halloween this year. I finally told her not to tell me again until October.)

These pictures crack me up. Usually at least one of them looks at the camera, but not this time.

My sweethearts!