Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's/Birthday Brian!

I got home from the gym this morning and hurried to make a special Valentine's Day breakfast for the people I love the most!

I remember as a child that on Valentine's Day my mom would always have a little gift for us to open at breakfast. I wanted to keep that tradition in my family. So each child got a book and a little box of chocolates. Because it just isn't Valentine's Day without chocolates... (None for me today though.)

The birthday boy with his birthday socks! (Doesn't he look so happy that I got him up a little early to start celebrating?) We also got him a new shirt, and a few of his favorite treats.  Pretty exciting for turning 39!

Jake's book was a thumb wrestling how to manual. He was so excited when he opened it! He had been drooling over it at the school book fair, but I have a hard and fast rule that we only buy a book to read at the book fair. He was totally surprised that I had gotten it for him... and promptly proceeded to draw a Lucha Libre style wrestling mask on his thumb.

For my fancy little princess who loves to play "blu-ty parlor", a Fancy Nancy book about playing beauty parlor. 

Lila was much more interested in opening her "cock-lats", but once she took the time to check it out she also was happy with her picture book. It is the words to You are my Sunshine, which is a special song in our family.

I wasn't left out of the present giving.  Jacob made me this beautiful necklace, which I proudly wore out in public when we went to see the new movie Gnomeo and Juliet after dinner.

And Brian continued his sweet tradition of bring flowers for all of us girls. Evie and Lila love their flowers and would sleep with them if we would let them. 

It was a long, busy, but fun day for us. Full of love and being together, just like it should be.


brian.telford said...

Happy Valentines Day sweetheart! Thanks for making it such a fun and special day. I Love You!!

Sandra & Brent said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day, Chrissy. Days like this don't just happen . . . great mom's like you MAKE them happen. Your kids will always love you for it. Even my 27 year old Scott said to me a few months ago "thanks for making the holidays magical for us, mom". Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!
Speaking of great moms, I thought a lot about yours today, Chrissy. I'll always think of her on Valentine's Day. I miss her.
Love ya, Sandra