Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Coupons

Jake and Evie  each got a booklet of Christmas coupons in their stockings last year.  (And by last year I mean way back in 2010, you know, five weeks ago...)  They are redeemable throughout the year for things like a day off from doing chores, having a friend over to play, or going out to a movie of their choice. We, the management, instituted an "at least a two day notice" policy before we have to fulfill any goods or services, plus the right to refuse any coupon at any time.

Tonight I came home to find a Christmas coupon and a note sitting next to the fireplace.

The coupon says:
Endless Christmas- redeem at any time for one small surprise from Santa.  

The note says:
Dear Santa, please leave me a Mario associated product. I'm in to Mario now. -Jake
P.S. If you can, please leave Evie and Lila something too.

Brian tried to buy a little time by telling the kids that it might be too late for Santa to get the note tonight. Evie however has the complete faith of a four year old in the magic of Santa and said, "No Dad. Santa can do anything!" Jake came to the rescue by telling her, "It's okay Evie, if he doesn't get it tonight we can try again tomorrow night."

I think I'd better read through that coupon booklet a little closer tomorrow...


Emilie said...

You are so good and creating magic in your children's lives.

Caitlin said...

Hmm...endless Christmas, huh? Well that sounds like Santa's elves are going to be kept busy. I am sure you (the management) can contact them for a little help if need be! :)