Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Early in the morning...

This morning I decided that since all of my children are sick with croup, and therefore not going into public, I would let them sleep as long as they would. 

I peeked in to check on Evie and just had a moment of such intense love overwhelm me for this sleeping beauty. (What can I say, sometimes I like my children best when they are asleep...)

Jake is our early riser and he was the first to join me, and quickly started to ask me questions about everything: How did I sleep? What was for breakfast? and When could he turn on the Wii? 

Evie woke up next and came out of her room slowly and quietly, smiled when she saw me and quickly climbed on my lap to be held and hugged while she made the transition to fully awake.

Lila was last, but greeted the day laughing and running full steam ahead, barely pausing long enough for a hug and kiss good-morning.

I was left reflecting on how this morning seemed to encapsulate each of my children's personalities and how they interact with their world in general.

Jake so eager to learn and understand what is going on around him.

Evie needing a moment and some reassurance before change.

Lila usually happy and always busy.

  I was also grateful that I was awake first and got to share their day from the very beginning. An unexpected bonus of learning to be a morning person.