Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back on the cleaning wagon...

I decided that I don't have to give up my resolution to get back to my old cleaning system just because it took me a few days to get going on it.  It definitely feels overwhelming right now as every room in my house looks very much as if a bomb has gone off in them. But the habit I am trying to get back to is doing a little bit everyday because:
A) I found that the whole house stayed cleaner longer when everyone did their daily jobs.
B) Then I don't have to take a muscle relaxer after a marathon bout of cleaning.
We started today with the living room and I took some before and after shots so that I can look back at them when I need some motivation to keep going in the rest of the house.

Not bad for about three hours worth of work.  All of my Christmas decorations are down and packed away, the room is dusted, vacuumed, and ready for the Valentine's decorations to go up. My other goal is to get the house in order so I can start to tackle some home decor projects I have had in mind for the last three years.  Things like curtains and artwork that give a home that "finished" feeling, and possibly even a modest make-over in the girls' room. But it's awfully hard to design in clutter, so I am doing the not fun parts first and then I'll reward myself with some creative time!


Amanda said...

Just looking at your after photos makes me feel more rested! Then I turn around and look at my basement and get that claustrophobic feeling again.