Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Before I start tonight's blog post I need to take a minute and address a rather.... ironic phone message I received yesterday. My sister was bored at work and called to remind me that I hadn't posted anything new for the day.  Really, Caitlin? You are telling me to post more often?  How about you post more than once every three months? Or even leave a comment on here every now and then?!  :P  Thanks for being my personal Jiminy Cricket, you goof!

We are snackers in this house. Sometimes it feels like all my kids do all day long is ask me for food.  I don't really mind because they still eat really well at meals and they are usually asking for fairly healthy things.  The big concern for me is trying to teach them moderation. Especially Lila. She is on a fruit kick right now and would eat an entire bag of Clementines if I would let her.  

Today was no exception and after the third orange I told her no more. I didn't realize just how determined a little person she could be.

I heard a strange, slightly wet noise and came into the kitchen to find Lila peeling her own orange.

I asked her what she was doing and she told me, "Peeling mine orange."  (She always sounds German when talking about something that is hers, and like a wise-guy from Jersey when talking about someone else's belongings, "That yous knitting?" "That yous dolly?")

Relieved that I wasn't going to stop her from reaching her goal she kept on with the task at hand. (I figured I had to reward such a show of self-reliance and ingenuity.)

She really likes fruit. 

Snuggling the peeled orange.

Ah well, contraband always tastes sweeter doesn't it?

My lesson for the day: Put the oranges out of reach.


Lawson Family said...

At least it's healthy, right? My boys love those oranges too and I pay for it by the next day!

Emilie said...

You're a good mom. I probably would have taken it away. Good for you for looking at the bigger picture.