Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Whole Decade

Today is our 10th anniversary.

It hasn't always been easy.

But it's always been worth it.

I love that we still laugh together.

I love the beautiful family we've made together.

And I love knowing that my heart is safe in your care.

I love you, Brian
Happy Anniversary


Ryan W said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

brian.telford said...

I Love You Chrissy!! Happy anniversary to you too.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Ten years, way to go. You guys are great. I hope you are doing something special to celebrate!!

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary! Ten is a big one!

Sandra & Brent said...

Congratulations Chrissy and Brian. I remember your wedding day very well . . . great food! No small feat to stay together for 10 years in this day and age. Love you, Sandra

April Weeks said...

That was like a Hallmark card only real. Here's to 10+ more.

Elena Loo said...

Congratulations you guys! Big mile stone! We love you all and wish you the best 10+ more years.

p.s. I hope you get your celebration of catch up sleeping and relaxation in Fancy SLC! ☺ Take it! You deserve it! Much love!

The Cole Family said...

Happy 10th!!!

Natalie said...

Love the pictures! Happy anniversary. I also love that you had a stay-cation. Sometimes those are the best!