Sunday, January 16, 2011

A bad lawyer joke...

Tonight while we were visiting my Grandma, she pulled out her Christmas cards and let the girls play with them. Evie especially was really enjoying laying them all out on the coffee table and looking at the pictures on the front. We started to ask her who was in the picture? "Baby Jesus and Mary"  Who's that? "Santa Claus!" You get the idea.

She was a little stumped by a stylized picture of the three wise men and so we started to give her some hints.
"How many of them are there?"
"Right! And what are they wearing on their heads?"
"Right. And see what they are holding in their hands?"
Evie paused for a moment, and Jake came up behind her and said, "Oh yeah. Those are gifts of murph, gold and... um, finklestien, right?"
Sounds like a law firm, Gold, Murph, and Finklestien.