Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Sunday Pictures and Thoughts

Tights, undershirt, and parasol... Love it!

Lila got halfway undressed after church and then decided to embrace her inner-tightrope walker.

Brian has taken up a new hobby.... ironing!

Actually I think that he's just given up on the idea that I will ever get around to ironing anything for him.  He did say today that he was enjoying some ironing zen.  He says it's very relaxing for someone with OCD to impose order over chaos. (I.E. making a wrinkled shirt smooth...)  

The kids are enthralled by this amazing idea of pressing clothes that are all ready made, instead of just when they are being sewn.  Both Jake and Evie started piling up clothes for their Dad to iron.

Evie's current favorite piece of clothing is this blue dress I made her almost two years ago. We've moved the buttons a couple of times to lengthen the straps if you were wondering how it still fit her. But it won't fit for too much longer, so I told her today that we should make a couple more of them. She is so excited to start digging through my fabric.

Her hair was still done from church and when she came out of her room dressed like this Brian taught her to say,  "There's no place like home. There's no place like home..."

Now I have to go take the crumb cake out of the oven.

Edited to add: 
Today Evie gave a talk in Primary.  It was a sweet moment because not only did Jake help her to prepare and write it, he got up and helped her give it by whispering prompts into her ear. I was very proud of Evie for being brave and giving such a good talk. I was also very proud of Jake being such a sweet and helpful big brother.


Sarah said...

sounds like a lovely Sunday. :)

NAT said...

Evie is a doll. Don't worry, Brian. I don't iron Eric's clothes either. He says he enjoys doing it himself...that it's relaxing. Works for me! :)