Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trying to find her own style...

Yesterday afternoon we decided to run an errand to get some yarn so I can knit a hat for my brother.  I told the kids to get their shoes and coats on. Evie came out of her room sporting an ensemble which included her Christmas nightgown, slippers, bathrobe which she couldn't find the belt for so it is tied closed with a piece of blue curling ribbon, and only half of her hair still french braided.  

I started to try to get her to change into something more appropriate.
 Some battles are not worth fighting....

I can't decide if she was going for "escaped mental patient" or "ghetto fabulous".

I guess as long as I get to help her get ready for church; I am okay with it if she wants to go to the grocery store dressed as a princess or to the library with her swimming suit on over long johns. 
We are going to be that family.


Emilie said...

Funny girl

Amanda said...

Justin went to the library in full fire chief gear yesterday. Next time I'll have to invite Evie to go with us. They'd be quite a pair!