Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Library Rules...

-I will always be happy to take you to the library. I am glad you are as excited as I am to read new books.

-Don't run around and yell, that is (quite literally) frowned upon.

-If you can't find it, ask the librarian to help you. That's why they are there.

-You don't need to pull every book off the bookshelf to show me. I can see it just fine while it's on the shelf.

-I will hold all library cards until the very last second before we check out the books, then I will hand it to you so you can hand it to the librarian. So stop asking for it.

-You may check out as many books as you are years old.  So yes, I can check out a lot. And no, you don't need to tell everyone else in line how many books I am old.

*Three weeks into the new year and no library fines. That's gotta be a record...


Lawson Family said...

I love all your rules, but especially the last. I swear I'm going to dislocate my shoulder with the weight of our library bag!

JD and Elena said...

That's awesome!
I have a dream to someday live in Centerville close to you guys and not have to work so I can take my kids to the library with you (yes, if I can help it, it will kids, not kid. plural.)
But until then I will just read to Huck all the books he has and try to find some time to read mine too.
Miss you so much!! LOVE YOU!!

Emilie said...


Sarah said...

Awesome. You come up with good rules.