Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Last Hurrah!

Today we spent playing with Josh, Elena, and Huck before they head home this weekend. We spent the whole morning at the Discovery Gateway children's museum.  Such fun...

The ball area is always a favorite with my kids. Huck and Lila were fascinated by all of the pipes and gears and gadgets.

Caitlin came with us which made a perfect ratio of 1:1 adults to children.

What do you do when everyone brings a camera? Take pictures of each other taking pictures! Cheese!

Evie playing the giant xylophone.

Huck making special deliveries.

Giddy up cowboy! Er... cowgirl Lila.

Huck was checking the play produce for freshness...

A great place when your children are climbing the walls.

Jake isn't really falling off the horse, he just likes to clown around.

Elena, Huck and Caite out for a spin.  Notice how neatly Caitlin fits in this kid-sized car.

Jake decide that he was the foreman and had all the children working together to build the skyline.  He cracked up the other parents when he suddenly shouted, "Come on everyone! We got to get these built on schedule!"

Huck graciously shared his hard hat with me.

Lila was so proud that she was able to operate the cranes by herself.

We had fun playing in the helicopter because it was cold enough that we had the whole thing to ourselves!

Lila grabbed the joystick and then yelled, "Abort! Abort!"  She is such a mimic.

There was this fun wall of magnetic gears.

Obviously the children were not the only ones mesmerized with them...

Proof that building blocks appeal to children of all ages.

Evie and Huck really know their alphabet, even if they can't tell their rights from their lefts yet.

That little tongue sticking out is my favorite! 

They have so many fun things to build with.

After 3+ hours of playing so hard we met up with Pa Dave for lunch.  The poor kids were sooo tired.  Lila fussed and fretted until they finally brought out our food.  Then she fussed and whined until I gave her my soup.  She attacked the soup and about two and a half seconds after she ate the last spoonful she was asleep! 

It was good that she got a little catnap while the rest of us finished lunch because after we ate we went to Build-A-Bear! (I know, my kids were beside themselves with excitement.)  Huck had never been so he made a fun little puppy dog. My kids had brought their bears we already had and they each got to pick out a new outfit for them, thanks to Pa Dave's generosity. 

Then tonight the fun continued for me as I got to go to both knitting night and a craft group with Caite and Elena. (I am really exhausted, and it was honestly a little bit hard to blog tonight.  Brownie blogging points for me, right?)

Thanks for inviting us to come and play with you all today Josh and Elena! This was much more fun than my original plan of doing laundry...


Emilie said...

Two things.

1) In the picture of you wearing the hard hat you look In fact, my brain said,"Oh look how cute Kim looks!" before I could catch myself.

2) EXTRA blogging brownie points because you even added pictures!