Friday, January 14, 2011

Should I be worried?

The following is a transcript of a written conversation between Jacob and his Aunt Caitlin:

Jake: Let's pass secret notes. Please reply then pass back behind couch.

Caite: What kind of secrets should we share?

Jake: Like the ones that spys do.

Caite: I don't know what kind of secrets spies have?  There's a secret nuclear reactor exactly 12.5 miles north of Traverse City, Michigan.

Jake: Do we destroy it?

Caite: Not on purpose, I should think... What other options do we have? World domination perhaps?

Jake: As long as a city is eliminated.

Caite: Which city should we pick?

Jake: Well, I think we should pick the location of the nuclear reactor... thingy.

Caite: So... Traverse City, Michigan?

Jake: Yes... that's it!

Caite: Okay, well you go ahead and plan that then.

Jake: Please read the following:

Which as far as I can tell is a plan to run a line of black powder from Utah to Michigan, with the detonator being somewhere in Arizona...


Emilie said...

As least he has a plan. Which is more than most men can say.

Amanda said...

Maybe Jacob does have a bit of your evil genius in him after all.