Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting out all over the map...

Today was the first day back to out regularly scheduled programming after the nice long holiday break.  For some reason there was a real disconnect in my brain about the reality of that. We got the kids to bed only an hour later then their regular bedtimes, but much earlier then they had stayed up for many nights of the break. Because, of course, they would have to get up earlier then we had been to get to school on time. Logical, right? But then Brian and I stayed up and watched a movie, not making the connection that we would have to get up earlier too.

And some bonus movie points for anyone who can guess the movie from this quote: "You are everything I never knew I always wanted." Good line. When I was a romantic teenager I would complain to my mom that the movies just set you up for disappointment because boys don't have cleverly scripted dialogue in real life. One of the ways that I knew Brian was the one was when he told me I was "the whole package, smart and pretty."  It was the closest thing to a quotable line I had ever heard from a boy... um, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Good movie. Bad decision.

Anyway, fast forward to this morning when the alarm seemed to go off at an unreasonably early hour. We I only hit the snooze button once.  I am very proud of that.  We weren't even late getting everyone where they needed to be.  And Lila and I were very industrious and accomplished grocery shopping, getting my glasses fixed (Lila had bent the frames while ever so helpfully trying to "hand" them to me the other morning, by way of trying them on repeatedly...), and getting the January selection for my book club from the library.  We got home, put away the food, then it was time to go pick up Evie.  And I completely ran out of steam... at 11:00 am! I had grand plans of starting my daily chore chart and that would mean cleaning the living room today and putting away the Christmas decorations. Didn't happen.  I started to read my book instead, it is very funny and enjoyable, but after ten minutes or so I would start to nod off.

Now, an intelligent person would probably have deduced that a power nap might be the best way to salvage the afternoon.  I was apparently too tired to be intelligent.  I got the girls lunch and then settled Lila for a nap, drifting off again for a few minutes myself. Then I decided I'd better finish the sweater I want Jake to wear for our family pictures this Saturday.  Did you know there is such a thing as sleep-knitting.  I don't recommend it. You pretty much have to rip out everything that you knit while dozing.  Being that relaxed just plays havoc with your gauge...

I thought after picking Jake up from school that I would let the kids play for a little bit and then we would start on the living room. And then I didn't. And then it was time to make dinner. I had just pulled everything on to the counter and started to scrub the potatoes when my MIL called to see if we would help them eat a casserole that she had made for dinner, not realizing until after it was assembled and in the oven that it served eight.  I happily agree to help her out and put everything back in the fridge and laid down to read my book again in the now extra thirty minutes that I wouldn't have to be cooking dinner.  And promptly fell asleep.

Now to the point of my fuzzy-headed ramblings.  There have been several times through out the day where I have thought, "Great. Three days in and I've blown how many of my resolutions?"  and then I thought, "Well, I guess that's why it's a good idea to make multiple resolutions, so you can still succeed at some if you fail at others..."  but my final thought is, "It's only day three. I don't have to give up completely because I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to today. And why, for heaven's sake, is this something I am still learning at the advanced age of ... over thirty."

"Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it."  Tonight I am going to bed.


Emilie said...

Well written. Man, I am not going to have ANY readers after this year is through, mine is so boring. But you, you may very well be able to start charging us to read.