Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Caitlin, Tiffany and I are celebrating our birthdays together this weekend. Mine was 2 weeks ago, Caite's is this week and Tiff's is next week. We are have a girl's weekend of shopping (i.e. taking as long as we want to try things on without husbands or children in tow, and getting honest and helpful feedback... not just "Yah- that looks good too."), getting pedicures and hanging out.

Tonight we went out to dinner because it is my day off on the diet. We had Indian food. Oh my, so good. We had chicken madras, chicken kurma and lamb biriyani. I ended with a delicious dessert of Kulfi (a homemade ice cream with pistachios, cashews and cardamom).  Eating out has become such a treat for me that everything I eat just tastes amazing! I guess the old saying that hunger is the best  sauce is true.

We plan on spending tomorrow hanging out and sewing and crafting, and then on Saturday we'll hit the stores. Yay for a fun weekend of girl time with great gals!


JD and Elena said...

Have a fantastic time! You girls are too much fun!