Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring preview...

We couldn't bear to stay inside this afternoon!
We are longing for days that are warm enough for playgrounds and picnics, so when Aunt Caite came over we decided it was warm enough to go for a little walk and play for awhile.

Lila is finally big enough to just be let loose on a playground. I love that. 

Of course, some people shouldn't be let loose on a playground no matter how old they are...

Especially if they are going to get high centered upside down on a slide designed for five year olds.

Yikes! Jake is being eaten by a monster!

These girls love to slide.

Remember what I said about some people shouldn't be turned loose. Yup.

Surprise Lila!

The girls also love playing store on this side of the playground. 

Soaking up the promise of springtime warmth.

I had to take advantage of having another adult around to come out from behind the camera and snap a  picture or two with my babies! (Lila was not happy to stop playing for two seconds to pose with me...)

I love playing with these kids.

The only way we could get this picture with everyone looking at the camera was to offer a bribe of ice cream...

It worked though.

Caite got the best video of Jake while we were having our treat. I am thrilled she posted it on her blog, saves me the trouble of trying to get it to work on mine...