Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a clue...

That I may have been spending too many nights away from my kids this week. On my way home tonight Lila called me. The conversation went like this.

Hi Mom!
Hi Sweetie.
This is Lila!
I know you're Lila.
Have you seen my binkie?
I'm on my way to get it from Grandma's.
Mom? You need to come home and stay with us.
Okay honey, I'm on my way.
You need to stay here with us.
I will. I am not going anywhere else.
Okay. I will see you the next time.
I'll see you the next time.

Good thing I have no where else to be this weekend. I think it sounds like a good time for some extra cuddles and quality time...


Sandra & Brent said...

Apparently absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. Isn't it nice to be popular (at least at moments)

JD and Elena said...

I think it's nice to miss your kids (and be missed as well) sometimes.

Dinee said...

Sorry I stole you 2 nights this week!