Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Holy cow.
 If you have ever done this work out, enough said. 
If you haven't, there aren't words enough to describe the experience. 
The closest I can come is I felt like a spastic monkey drenched in gallons of my own sweat, with two left feet...
I am so doing it again!

It was a blast. 
I had two reoccurring thoughts during the hour: 
1) A month ago I would have died. I would have passed out and/or my heart would have exploded. It was another indication of how far I have come since I've started.
 2) My mom would have loved Zumba! It made me miss her a lot tonight.

Two work outs in one day. I am going to bed...


Emilie said...

Maybe I'll have to come with you next time.

That will be fun...TWO spastic monkeys with two left feet. Fantastic.

Troy and Lisa said...

we LOVE zumba! My husband is usually the only guy so it's super entertaining. Congrats on all your great work!

April Weeks said...

When and where are you going? I really enjoyed Zumba and need some motivation to start up again. Will you let me know, please?