Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Monday

Today was very random.
The children didn't have school.
I went back to the 6:30 am work out after missing a couple due to a nasty stomach bug.
You wouldn't think three days of sleeping in would throw off your rhythm that much after getting up early for almost two months... but you'd be wrong.
I was able to take a morning nap, and that helped.
It was too windy and cold to play outside.
Did I mention the children didn't have school today?
I spent the afternoon watching gritty police drama and knitting.
I am just full of delightful juxtapositions like that.
I went grocery shopping at 7 pm.
Dinner was a little late.
My brother flew into town tonight, and I got to see him for about five minutes.
I'll take it.
The hat I am knitting for him is too small.
I guess he and his son are getting matching hats.
I am going to try to stay awake through one more police show before calling it a night and getting up to do it all again tomorrow...


Sandra & Brent said...

Some Mondays are just like that!